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As the spirit wanes the form appears

July 11, 2013


As the spirit wanes the form appears

Pretentious poets seem to presume a personal perfection,
often oblivious to the effect of their observations and opinions.
Admonishment for lack of adherence and acquiescence annoys
the rogue writer wrought with real self-doubt. He’ll rage
against the arrogance and aggressive self-aggrandizement.
Unfortunately forums found online foment artistic folly
and encourage the erudite elitist to entreat the uneducated
to fall in line, forget artistic function and focus only on the form.

Steven Marty Grant


Late Fees

January 4, 2012

Sexy Librarian

Late Fees

I know you watch me,
over spectacle rims
near the bridge’s end.

You shush me
over index cards
and collected late fees.

I want to tie you up
or hold you down
and scribble poems
on your breasts
in red fountain pen
and let your screams
echo through
the Dewey stacks.

We both know
pain and love
are partners
over time, overdue.


Icarus also Flew

January 2, 2012

Icarus also Flew.

9 to 5 Icarus

January 2, 2012

The Flight of Icarus

9 to 5 Icarus

These days King Minos
wears a suit and tie
and drives a new Bentley,
but he still has to deal
with the same bull,
rotten kids, bad wife;
fucking cow!

This is Manhattan,
not Knossos, so there’s no labyrinth here,
just subways tunnels
and skyscrapers,
but it can still be hard
to find a way out.

The wings of our fathers
come with warning labels
and we still ignore them
when we get high.
It’s fortunate that this prison
only holds me from 9 to 5
and New Jersey
is a relatively short flight.